How to Be the Best Baby and Child Photographer

Techniques for photographing children are hugely valuable to ensure the photos of children are special and fantastic memories for life.

Suggestion 1: Meet children eye to eye
By bringing yourself down to the same level as the child (even crouch if you need to) gives your pictures a child’s eye view and will not distort their image as occurs when shooting downwards to them.

Suggestion 2: Capture their true essence
The truly precious moments are the expressions that are natural, which are not captured when they are posing for a shot. Great results can be obtained by photographing children while their thoughts are occupied with something else. In these shots you will capture their true essence exuding out of their little faces with their enjoyment of the moment e.g. playing with their friends or on a playground.

Suggestion 3: Success from Familiarity
There are two parts to this suggestion; firstly if the photographer is familiar to the child then they will be more natural around them so fantastic pictures can be taken. The second part is if the children have grown up having their pictures taken will enable natural pictures to be taken because they are used to the camera and therefore the chances for freezing is less likely to occur.

Make pictures a part of their life, and then you will always have precious memories to reminisce over.

Photographing Babies
Photographing your new arrival is a huge photo opportunity, the cameras come out of hiding and the flashes start going off like popcorn. As these are precious photos that you will keep for a long time here are a few suggestions how to make these shots lovely, precious memories, and capture the true essence of your new babies cuteness and beauty.

For the best photos of the baby wait until daytime and use the advantage of the natural light streaming in through your window, rather than using a flash. A flash will result in an over exposure of the photo because you are likely to be going for a close up shot of the baby. If you feel you do need to use the flash then maybe drape a white cloth over it, like a handkerchief.

I would recommend that you do not use a wide-angle lens for your baby photos; this is because it will make a couple of things happen. It will make your babies nose appear larger and also reduce the size of their ears so will look a lot smaller and out of shape. And if you then have the flash on it will probably result in overexposure. These are the reasons why I do not recommend using a 28mm focal length lens, instead if you use a short telephoto lens around 100mm, your baby will look as beautiful in the photos as they do in real life. All of their features will be in the proper ratio.

If you raise the mattress of the crib, that way you can see the baby without looking directly down, will aid in producing a lovely, proportional picture of your baby.

Have a play with many different angles such as from below, from above, through the bars of the crib. These suggestions are all great for those special shots that will be wall masterpieces for years to come.

The other great shots to take are the candid moments, where the full character of your baby and young child comes to life. These moments are priceless and make awesome shots for in the family photo albums.

These types of photos focus on spontaneity rather than technique and organization. They are one-opportunity shots, as it is very rare to get a second chance with candid photography. When you see the opportunity your camera must be near to you and you just need to grab it and grab the shot. Technique goes out the window as basically the only technique you can really plan for is that you make sure you have the camera set to ISOn400 to ensure a fast shutter speed. This will help you grab that shot fast.

Just have a fantastic time taking pictures of your children as they grow up, you never need an excuse to pull out the camera, so just have fun and snap away.

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