How To Look For The Best Baby Cribs In The Market

While the baby has not been born yet, you should already start furnishing the nursery. Perhaps the most important piece in the nursery is the crib. You would want it to look and feel good for your little one.

Finding a crib for your baby is not difficult. But finding the best kind of crib is a real challenge. To make your work easier, let me tell you a couple of buying tips:

1. Put the safety of your baby at the top of your priority. You should check out the website of government organizations that handle the inspection of baby bedding products. Find out which brands have a lot of recalled items. They are usually recalled because of safety issues. Once you have identified the brands that have a lot of recalled products, you might want to stay away from them.

2. Choose from the different types of cribs today. It is ideal to invest on a convertible type of crib. You can find a lot of models that can be transformed from a crib to a toddler bed, a day bed and a standard bed. This way, your baby has something to use as he or she is growing up.

One downside to convertible cribs is the price. They are generally more expensive than standard cribs. If you have decided to go for cheaper standard cribs, you should check out the quality of the materials used.

3. There are different materials used in making cribs. If you have decided to go for wooden baby beds, make sure the wood will not rot easily. Check out the materials that will last for a long time. Wooden beds, especially those made from mahogany or other durable materials, tend to cost more.

A cast iron bed might look good for a Victorian nursery setting but this material tends to rust easily. You would want to look for coated cast iron so it is not vulnerable to the effects of oxygen and moisture.

4. The materials used have to be non-toxic. They have to be completely devoid of harmful chemicals. The problem with some chemicals is that they tend to interact adversely with common household allergens. Because of this chemical reaction process, they produce toxic nerve gasses. These gasses might affect the production of serotonin in your baby’s brain.

Other than these tips, you should also consider the size and the design of the crib you are buying. Make sure the design will work well for a kid’s room for many years.

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