How to Prepare For the Arrival of Your Baby

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting and sometimes scary times of your life. Your body is going through immense changes throughout your pregnancy and if that is not enough to think about there is a great deal of planning that should be done in the months leading up to the arrival of your new baby. This article will discuss all of the things to plan for and do prior to delivery day from when to decorate the baby’s room to ordering the birth announcements. You can buy birth announcements cheap before the baby comes and they can be printed after he or she arrives. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

Many people that are expecting a baby want to start preparing for their baby right away but many people suggest holding off from any concrete plans until the second or even the third trimester. Unfortunately, as many as half of all pregnancies do not make it past the first trimester and end up in miscarriage. Because of this, it is wiser to wait until mid-way through your second trimester to make any solid plans.

The first one many couples enjoy doing is planning to decorate and prepare a nursery for the baby. A majority of expectant parents now choose to find out the sex of the baby from an ultrasound. Going neutral may be a good idea because not all ultrasound readings are totally accurate and you would not want to buy all things pink and suddenly give birth to a bouncing baby boy. Also, buying the larger items like the crib bedding and window treatments in a neutral color is nice so you can reuse it for future children you may have. Make sure the husband paints the nursery since some of the paint fumes are not good for a pregnant woman.

Another part of the planning of the nursery is to go and register for items you may want to receive for the baby from a baby shower given for you or after the baby’s birth. Many people want to buy you something you really want and by registering for these things at your local baby store this is a big help. Going through a large baby superstore can be overwhelming so having a salesperson go around with you or a friend that has already had a baby would be great to help teach about what you may need and what you may not.

When you get to your third trimester, you may want to plan for the baby’s arrival. This would include ordering the birth announcements you would like ahead of time then when the baby does come, you just have to call and give all of the detailed information to the store. Another thing to prepare for is the trip to the hospital. If your husband can not take you, you must have a backup person that will be willing to get you there as well as someone that can watch your pets while you are at the hospital. Finally, pack your bag for the birth so when it does happen you can grab it and go!

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